Welcome to VESNA ALH tools’s documentation!

The vesna-alh-tools provides utilities and Python modules for managing, accessing and experimenting with VESNA-based wireless sensor networks that are using the ALH protocol.

This document provides reference documentation for Python modules that provide convenient access to resources exposed on sensor nodes. As such it is intended for users of the testbed that want to control their experiments from Python scripts.

Reference documentation is also available in Python docstrings that are accessible through the pydoc command-line tool.

For a step-by-step tutorial on how to use Python modules with the LOG-a-TEC cognitive radio testbed, see the Fed4FIRE tutorial.

Command-line utilities, contained in the same package, are intended for use by testbed administrators. Their use is outside of the scope of this document. Utilities are briefly documented in the README.

For a JavaScript library that is roughly equivalent to Python modules provided here, see the vesna-alh-js package.


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